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mortadella (di Bologna) (today's sample record)

Language: Italian

Description: Bologna sausage, the famous sausage from Emilia-Romagna, the original baloney. A very large salami or cured meat made with a seven-to-three ratio of pork meat to fat pounded to a very fine consistency, mixed with pistachios, green peppercorns, white wine, cubes of pork fat, sugar and olives, sometimes garlic and truffles, and put into a beef bladder casing. It may contain coriander (US: cilantro), or citron. The name is sometimes recorded as coming from the practice of pounding the ingredients in a mortar, or mortaio, but may actually come from the fact that the sausage was tradtionally flavoured with myrtle. A mortadella is steamed for an hour for each half inch of its diameter. It is usually finely sliced and eaten cold.

mortadella (di Bologna)
Mortadella, with many thanks to the lovely Limoncello on Mill Road in Cambridge

Pronounced: mohr-tah-DEHL-lah (dee boh-LOHN'yah)
Ethnicity: Italian
Most frequent country: Widespread
Most frequent region: Bologna in Emilia-Romagna

See places: Italian food and cuisine, Emilia-Romagna, Bologna

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