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Disclaimer - allergies

Whilst this site does all it can to list reasonably accurate ingredients for dishes, this is simply as a guide to what flavours you might encounter. It is impossible to know whether a particular chef will decided to use peanut or groundnut oil for frying, or to dress a salad with mustard, or to use fish sauce, based on shellfish, to add a certain je ne sais quoi to a savoury dish. Certainly, if I had a serious shellfish allergy I would think twice about eating almost any prepared dish east of India. In South East Asia very many dishes are made with the addition of balachan, based on shellfish that are dried and fermented in the sun. It is up to you to establish what you can eat and to talk with individual chefs to ensure that you are safe. My stepmother has an allergy to mustard. In one restaurant she negotiated with a chef to ascertain that no mustard was used in the dressing of a salad but, after she had recovered from the collapse that soon followed, it was established that the wooden salad bowl had previously been used to serve salads that had been dressed with a vinaigrette containing mustard. That's all it takes.

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